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Reopening planned for 2024

Florence, and the world, were expecting the Vasari Corridor to reopen at the end of May 2023. Alas, due to unforeseeable setbacks and one stunning discovery, the reopening will be delayed. Mauro Linari, the architect in charge of the restoration, explained that his team discovered unexpected cracks in the vaults, and more work needs to be done to secure the premises. But there’s more, and it’s exciting: the construction workers discovered parts of the Corridor that still feature Vasari’s original terracotta flooring. These will be covered by a glass floor so that visitors can admire them.

We can expect the Vasari Corridor to reopen by the end of 2024, and it will be even more fascinating

The Vasari Corridor reopens

Imagine taking a journey back in time while walking above Florence’s red-tiled roofs, over the Ponte Vecchio, and across the Arno river. The Vasari Corridor, the legendary passageway built for the Medici family and closed in 2016 for safety reasons, is due to reopen by the end of 2024!
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Many a traveler spending time in Florence dreams about visiting the Vasari Corridor. The legendary aerial route, designed by the great architect Giorgio Vasari for the Medici Grand Dukes, is in fact an architectural masterpiece that has no rivals either in Europe or elsewhere…

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The Vasari Corridor: an extraordinary aerial passageway above the Ponte Vecchio

Walking through the majestic arches of the Uffizi Gallery onto the banks of the Arno river, and then across the Ponte Vecchio and to the Pitti Palace, is an enchanting experience. Countless architectural wonders capture one’s sight, and each reveals fascinating historical facts. Among these, one wondrous marvel lies concealed high above street level, and behind sturdy walls. It’s the mysterious Vasari Corridor, one of the most astonishing and atypical architectural works in the world. But what is the Vasari Corridor exactly?

Vasari Corridor: Map and logistics

The Vasari Corridor, an important part of the Uffizi Gallery museum complex, is an aerial passageway located in the heart of Florence’s city center. 760 meters long, it connects the Uffizi Gallery to the Pitti Palace, which means it extends from one side of the Arno river to the other.
Specifically, it starts in the Uffizi’s Ponente corridor and ends next to Buontalenti’s grotto in the Boboli Gardens passing along the banks of the Arno river, over the Ponte Vecchio, and through the Church of Saint Felicita.

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The Vasari Corridor is one of the most fascinating architectural masterpieces in the world and a must-visit Florentine landmark.
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