Vasari Corridor tour

Many a traveler spending time in Florence dreams about visiting the Vasari Corridor. The legendary aerial route, designed by the great architect Giorgio Vasari for the Medici Grand Dukes, is in fact an architectural masterpiece that has no rivals either in Europe or elsewhere. Winding along the banks of the Arno river and stretching over Ponte Vecchio, one of the most evocative bridges in the world, the passageway enables visitors to gain true insight into Florence’s history, art history, and architecture.

Vasari Corridor tour logistics

Until 2016, when the Corridor was closed for security reasons and much-needed refurbishment, Vasari Corridor tours allowed travelers to appreciate artistic and architectural wonders and admire unusually spectacular views of Florence, its busy streets, and bridges. For many years, Vasari Corridor tours were available only to small groups, on an exclusive viewing basis, and subject to special authorization from the Uffizi Gallery museum authorities. Later, the Corridor was open to the public, but always accessible to small groups only and subject to strict rules as concerns the number of visitors and timing. In the past, Vasari Corridor tours also included viewing the main highlights of the Uffizi Gallery. Florencetown was the very first tour operator to organize and manage regularly scheduled Vasari Corridor tours available to the public.

Currently, the Vasari Corridor is still closed, but recent updates state it is supposed to reopen in May 2024

A visit to the Uffizi and Vasari Corridor is an exciting journey through 450+ years of Florentine art and history

Starting from the Ponente corridor of the Uffizi, the Vasari Corridor passes over buildings, palaces, and churches and ends in the heart of the Boboli Gardens. The exit is next to the intriguing Grotto built by Buontalenti, just a few steps away from the entrance to the museums of the Pitti Palace complex. From a visitor’s viewpoint, it is a wonderful way to get from one landmark to another, fully immersed in the art and history of Florence!

Vasari Corridor tickets and logistics

The renovated Vasari Corridor: features and novelties

Once the renovation work is completed, the Vasari Corridor will guarantee full accessibility (via ramps, platforms, and elevators) and compliance with present-day safety regulations. The passageway will also be equipped with a new state-of-the-art air conditioning system, modern lighting via energy-efficient LEDs, new emergency exits, and restrooms, and be video-monitored at all times.

The novelties also concern the works of art on display. The self-portraits that were on the walls will in fact be moved to a dedicated area within the Uffizi Gallery, and a selection of ancient sculptures, mainly busts and inscriptions, and the frescoes that used to decorate the outside of the Vasari Corridor will take their place. Future Vasari Corridor tours will also allow visitors to gain insight into recent history. The renovated Corridor will in fact house two Memorials, one dedicated to the 1993 Via dei Georgofili attack, and the other to the bombing of Florence during WW II. The former will include the artwork damaged by the explosion, while the latter will display photographs showing the destruction of Florence caused by the Nazi forces.

Tour testimonials

Ah ma zing!

Three of us did the Uffizi gallery and Vasari corridor tour last month and throughly enjoyed it. Our guide Marco was so passionate and knowledgable we all walked away feeling inspired. Don’t leave it to the larst minute to book, only a few groups are able to walk the corridor each day. Was fascinating and one of my highlights of Firenze!


Great experience

We did not have much time in Florence, so we did the Florence the Magnificent tour. It hit all the highlights in Florence. Our tour guides Valentina and Mario were great. I learned a great deal from Mario about art during our tour of the Uffizi and Vasari Corridor tour. I wish we would have had more time and spent two days in Florence. I would have done the walking tour and the visit to David on Day 1 and the Uffizi and Vasari Corridor tour on Day 2. Combining them made for a long, but enjoyable day


Best cultural tour I’ve done in Florence!

I took the skip the line Uffizi tour including the Vasari corridor last week and it was one of the best tour experiences I’ve ever had – and hands down the best in Florence! My tour guide Federica was absolutely wonderful. She was not only lovely and friendly, but incredibly knowledgeable and able to answer any questions I had. I can’t recommend FlorenceTown and Federica highly enough!

Leslie C

Uffizi and Vasari Corridor

I went on this tour this afternoon . There were only 4 of us on the tour. I had been to the Uffizi a couple of years ago with another major tour company . I initially was going to visit without a guide this time , but I figured one more guided visit would be helpful.
I was so fortunate that today ‘s guide was Daniela . She was : knowledgeable to the nth degree ; a gifted teacher ; charming ; warm ; fun ; caring ; and what I learned from her today was invaluable.
Thank you Florencetown and grazie mille , Daniela !


Uffizi Gallery tour and Vasari Corridor Walk

My wife and I absolutely loved this tour. Our guide Eleonora was very knowledgeable about the artwork in the museum and the history of Florence. Her perfect mix of serious information and lighthearted humour made the tour a joy to be part of.

Pedro C B

Month long stay in heaven

We were in Florence for one month and it was fantastic. One of the highlights was a visit to the Uffizi and the Vasari Corridor. Our tour guide was Mario Gesu and he was great. He gave us a mini lesson on Art History and helped us understand what we were looking at. We were able to get ticket easily and avoid the lines. Highly recommend.


Excellent quality tours!

Wanting to visit the Vasari Corredor I signed up for the Uffizi highlights and Vasari Corredor Tour. I’d never heard of the Florencetown Tour group. Eleanore was our guide for the Uffizi and Vasari Corredor! She was completely knowledgeable on her material and able to answer in depth questions with ease. Her English was perfect and her charming manner made the Tour most enjoyable. There is plenty of walking so be prepared! Also be ready to enjoy a delightful afternoon!


Toure of the Uffizi and Vasari’s Corridor

I would highly recommend this company for a very small private tour of the Uffizi Gallery and Vasari’s Corridor. Sure guide was Sibille and from the very beginning…you could see her passion for Florence and its world famous Artwork. The Uffizi Gallery is something to behold and Vasari’s Corridor is only open for private tours. You will not be disappointed!

John L

Uffizi Gallery and Vasari Corridor tour

Excellent tour with Mario! Mario was very knowledgeable about the art and history and an excellent storyteller. My husband and I were enthralled with the stories and learning the history behind the great works of art that we saw. One of the most excellent tours of our time in Italy.


Wonderful introduction to the Uffizi and the City

Giulia Bozzi showed us the highlights of the Uffizi galleries and gave us an unusual chance to walk through the Vasari Corridor. Her knowledge of city history is wide and deep, and she was generous with answers to questions. We wished for a little more on the artworks themselves, but the things she did tell us were informative and insightful. We would happily join her on another tour if we had more time in Florence.

Amy R. C

Highlight of our holiday

We booked the Uffizi and Vasari Corridor tour run by Florencetown and it surpassed all our expectations. It was a small group of 11 and our guide Mario took us on a journey of the development of art showing us what to look out for and how to recognise the different styles of the art from medieval to renaissance to baroque etc. We had the chance to walk along the Vasari corridor which is about three quarters of a mile long and we had all of it ourselves. I would recommend this tour to anyone with even a small interest in art.

Fiona W

Mario is the most passionate and knowledgeable guide

I booked this tour for my fiancé and I and we both love our guide Mario. Mario remembers every one’s name and calls us by our first name. He knows so much about the Renaissance art and he lets you ask as many questions as you want. He also explains very well the sketch and stroke techniques and occasionally questions you on certain paintings to see if you got his explanation. Having VIP access to skip the entrance line and having private access to the Vasari corridor totally made the price worth it.


Uffizi Gallery and Vasari Corridor

I spent three wonderful hours with my guide, Giulia Botti from Florencetown tours on the above your yesterday

She was most knowledgeable about the many exhibits and attractions and she did not stop talking the entire three hours and it was a most enjoyable experience

One of the best guided tours I have ever experienced

Fook Aun C

Uffizi and Vasari Corridor tour

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the Uffizi and then the Vasari corridor. Our guide, Francesca, was excellent showing considerable knowledge of all the works of art and the history of the buildings etc. She was patient with the group and did well to work around the crowds in the museum. Definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Florence.


Uffizi Gallery and Vasari Corridor

We started the tour in an unfortunate way, with earphones and leader’s microphone not working ( eventually we didn’t use them), and long queueing to get into and around the Uffizi, certainly not as claimed (skip the lines). But our guide Sibille was so lovely and enthusiastic that she won the group over. You could probably visit the gallery on your own, but the real value is in the Vasari Corridor and the tales associated with its artworks and history. It was certainly worth visiting.


Uffizi Gallery & Vasari Corridor, Accademia Gallery

We did two tours with FlorenceTown, one of the Uffizi Gallery/Vasari Corridor and another of the Accademia. Both tour guides were friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. The Uffizi tour had about 20 group members, and the tour guide managed the size well. The Accademia tour was only four people total, which made for an awesome experience. Highly recommend this tour group.

Julia C

Uffizi Gallery and Vasari Corridor

Our tour was conducted by Guilia Dragoni who was a well informed, instructive and personable guide. Her insights provided colour to the tour.

harvey c

Vasari corridor and Uffizi gallery tour

We had Francesca L guide us. She incredibly knowledgable and spoke fluent English. The tour was interesting and great for those that love to learn about paintings. It isn’t for those that have short attention spans and little interest in art.


Uffizi and Vasari corridor

A great tour through the Uffizi and the Vasari corridor with a professor of art history. The 3 hour tour flew by quickly. Unfortunately due to the limited time some paintings are discussed too shortly and we couldn’t visit the entire gallery. But to get a first impression of the Uffizi this tour was excellent.


Vasari corridor tour

We did the Vasari corridor tour today under the brilliant guidance of Dr Sara. We had 2 hours seeing the highlights of the Uffizi and then a magical hour along the amazing private Vasari corridor. Sara was brilliant and made this an intelligent art history lesson rather than a tourist event. Florence town were excellent from start to finish and we would strongly recommend them to others …especially if Dr Sara was involved !

Chris E

“Uffizi Gallery and Vasari Corridor Walking Tour”: excellent

Giulia Dragoni was a very engaging and entertaining guide. She kept our attention for the entire 4 hours, and we thoroughly enjoyed our tour with her. We recommend this tour to anyone!


Vasari Corridor and Uffizi Tour

I highly recommend this tour. Our guide Valentina was superb. Her in-depth knowledge of the tour content specifically and art history generally, coupled with whatever the Italian version of je ne sais quoi is, made for a fantastic introduction to our week in Florence. The Uffizi is immense and having such a skilled guide meant that we saw the great works in context without feeling overwhelmed by the volume of the place and moving through the corridor provided unique insight into Medici history. A great way to start a great week

Colin M

Uffizi Gallery & Vasari Corridor TOUR

Our tour was great. The guide was very knowledgeable and gave us many interesting facts about the paintings, the Medicis family and sites of the city.


Great tour of Ufizzi and Vasari Corridor

Very rarely book tours but the limited number (there were just 3 of us) tour of the Ufizzi followed by an exclusive walk down the Vasari corridor over Ponte Vecchio well worth it. Tour guide (Sibille) excellent and great to beat the crowds

Simon F

VIP Ufizzi Gallery and Vasari Corridor Tour

We loved or tour! Our guide, Sara, has a degree in art history and speaks English very well. She was wonderful. This was a great way to skip the lines and see the gallery. Going through the Vasari Corridor was special. Our tour included breakfast with a view of the dome.


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The Vasari Corridor is one of the most fascinating architectural masterpieces in the world and a must-visit Florentine landmark.
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