Vasari Corridor: map and logistics

The Vasari Corridor, an important part of the Uffizi Gallery museum complex, is an aerial passageway located in the heart of Florence’s city center. 760 meters long, it connects the Uffizi Gallery to the Pitti Palace, which means it extends from one side of the Arno river to the other.
Specifically, it starts in the Uffizi’s Ponente corridor and ends next to Buontalenti’s grotto in the Boboli Gardens passing along the banks of the Arno river, over the Ponte Vecchio, and through the Church of Saint Felicita.

Until 2016, access to the Vasari Corridor was either via the regular entrance to the Uffizi Gallery or through a side entrance located in Via della Ninna, just around the corner.

Both the above-mentioned entrances are in the historic city center, a few meters from Palazzo Vecchio, the seat of the Florence government, and at a 5-8 minute walk from Piazza del Duomo, i.e. the Cathedral square.
Visitors staying in hotels or apartments in the city center may easily reach the Uffizi Gallery on foot. The area surrounding the museum is mostly pedestrian, but taxis and private chauffeur-driven cars or minivans can drop off and pick up guests in the near surroundings. Rental cars are not allowed access to the area.

Is the Vasari Corridor open?

Currently, the Vasari Corridor is not open. It was closed to visitors for security reasons in 2016 and has been undergoing important renovation, maintenance, and refurbishment work since. The Vasari Corridor was scheduled to reopen in 2023, however recent updates have moved the reopening to the end of May 2024.

Towns of Italy is in close contact with the Uffizi Gallery authorities: we are persistently liaising with them to expedite and facilitate the reopening of our tour of the Vasari Corridor at the very earliest.

The refurbishment work carried out includes the necessary renovation of its historic premises, alongside the installation of present-day energy-efficient lighting and air conditioning. The renovated Corridor will, the Uffizi Gallery authorities state, guarantee full accessibility and compliance with current safety standards.

Access and exit logistics, alongside ticketing, booking, and admission procedures, will be made public when the Vasari Corridor opens officially.

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The Vasari Corridor is one of the most fascinating architectural masterpieces in the world and a must-visit Florentine landmark.
Currently closed for renovation, it is due to reopen shortly. Don’t miss out on the opportunity: fill in the form and we’ll keep you updated on dates, ticketing, booking, and admission procedures.

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